Multi Skilled Machinists

Our machining capacity is equipped with the latest 3 axis machining centres with full 3D CAM output. We also have several CNC turning centres and manual machines, which are great for the one off’s and prototypes that we produce.

We are able to advise on design and manufacturing suitability, helping our customers in the prototyping stage. This is largely down to our engineering expertise and latest CAD/CAM software employed at our facility.

CNC Machinists Slough, Basingstoke & Reading

Highly Experienced Engineers

With our expertise and experience we are able to manufacture high precision components from a number of different materials including brass, titanium, aluminium, mild, stainless and exotic steels. We always ensure our ever growing and detailed customer specifications are met.

To ensure we satisfy the specification and the high quality which we always strive to achieve, we have a comprehensive range of gauges, tools and equipment to inspect parts during and post production.

CNC Machinists of Parts Slough, Basingstoke, Reading

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